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We help small, local businesses increase revenue through maximising their SEO

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We offer search engine optimisation services across the UK.

Our specialisation is organic & local Google optimisation. Our marketing services extend to include Google Ads, website design and optimisation, social media management and PR.

We have over 20 years worth of experience in search optimisation, utilising a range of different techniques in order to raise small, local business's online profiles.

We know SEO. To chat to us about your business - take action and contact us today.

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SEO London

We are a London based SEO company that specialise in improving small business's online visibility. 

Being based in London, UK we are extremely knowledgeable of necessary techniques needed to dominate both organic & local SEO in London. We have over 20 years experience dating back to the start of search when your title tag was the only possible optimisation you could do.

No matter where your website needs improvement, we'll both identify and fix it leading to higher revenue generation for your business.

You ready?

SEO Packages

We offer a comprehensive range of SEO packages across our services.

No matter your budget, we'll create a bespoke SEO package that fits around your business website's needs - we do not waste budget on unnecessary SEO.

Our SEO packages start at just £100 per month, a price every business can afford. Naturally the more you invest, the higher the return - it's as simple as that.

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Local SEO Agency

Search is our niche, results are what we deliver. Finding a reputable & reliable local SEO agency can come with it's challenges!

At SEO UK, we work tirelessly to deliver results to our clients. We start by examining your business, identifying it's areas of strength and weakness both on and off page. After researching the immediate competition, we'll prepare a kick-ass strategy to get your business to where it should be.  

Professional SEO Services

Our definition of professional SEO services is:

A company that is able to effectively increase online presence of a website whilst delivering outstanding levels of customer service and minimal 'fuss' to the client.

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Affordable SEO

Looking for affordable SEO services but thinking 'It's going to cost the Earth?'


All SEO is affordable, just some's budgets are larger than others. A company with a turnover of over £1m shouldn't have a SEO budget matching that of an £80,000 company and vice versa.

The point is, it's all relative, dependant on the size of your business and what your expectations are. The fact you are taking action and doing some form of SEO is a clear advantage over your competitors that are not.

We work with a range of business that all have entirely different budgets, SEO should be bespoke to that business as each business is at a different stage of online presence.

We'll only ever make realistic recommendations budget wise and the decision ultimately lies with you, if you want to spend more or less - no problem.

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Local SEO Services

Looking for some assistance with your local SEO strategy? We are specialists at local SEO and offer a range of tailored services or bespoke packages.

We focus primarily on gaining you traction within Google - through a dashboard called 'Google My Business'. We also focus on other search engines such as Bing or DuckDuckGo to ensure you are consistently reaching the right customers.

Our local SEO service will increase your lead volume through optimisation of your various dashboards, competition analysis and by means of other off-page techniques necessary in order to index effectively and generate a strong volume of inbound leads.

If your local presence needs a kick-start or boost...

Think You Need SEO, Just Not Sure What Exactly?

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SEO Agency London

Searching for a reputable, reliable and effective SEO agency is our customer's biggest problem when recruiting a SEO Agency in London. Most business owners we speak with are most skeptical about who to trust, we get this.

Honestly, there is little we can do to prove to you that we should be your SEO Agency of choice for any small to medium sized business in or around London. We can show you case studies to your heart's content but until you see results for yourself, you'll never REALLY believe.

One thing we would say is, you found us; we must be doing something right.

local seo packages

At SEO UK we offer bespoke local SEO packages in order to kick start or boost your local SEO presence. Our highly experienced staff will listen to your needs and identify a cost-effective solution necessary in order to start dominating in your niche/industry.

Local SEO takes time but less time typically to see results than that of an organic SEO campaign, so if you are a start-up, this would be the first place we would focus.

Likewise for those who already have some form of local SEO presence, we would look to leverage that and build on it duplicating various methods we have effectively used in previous campaigns. Contact us today for an initial, no obligation consultation whereby we'll be able to better detail a local SEO package tailored to your business.

Just a few of our clients...

Booze Up
Alcohol & Drinks Delivery

Booze Up are London's No.1 Alcohol Delivery company. They dominate their niche, outranking the likes of UberEats & Deliveroo


Tree Doctor
Tree Surgeons

Beckenham based Tree Surgeons, Tree Dr required a new website build along with an organic SEO package to boost their inbound lead generation.


Mobile Tyre Fitting

Mobile tyre fitting company based in South London providing a 24 hour mobile emergency tyre replacement service at the roadside.


Clients Say.....

When I talk about you guys to other business owners, I explain you are like the Black Belt 7th Dan of SEO! Thanks so much for all your help over the last few years and I hope our relationship continues for many more years to come.


Tree Thyme - Tree Surgeons


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